Dryer cleaning service

Let us make your home safer and more efficient with our dryer vent cleaning services.

Why do I need my dryer vent cleaned?

A dryer vent is the pipe in your wall, attic, subfloor, or foundation that carries the heat and extra lint from your dryer to the exterior of your home. Over time, lint from clothes builds up inside the dryer vent, blocking airflow. As a result, your dryer requires an unsafe amount of time and energy to dry a load of clothes. Cleaning the dryer vent removes the lint buildup, allowing for proper airflow and better dryer efficiency.

Why do I need my dryer vacuumed?

Without dryer vacuuming, the primary fire hazard may never be addressed – the buildup of lint inside the machine. The vast majority of dryer fires are caused from the ignition of lint on and around the heating element. Additionally, buildup in the lint basin may block the dryer’s blower wheel and hinder proper airflow. Disassembling the dryer is the only way to access and remove this debris.

Our standard full service is $189 and includes:

  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Dryer hose vacuuming
  • Dryer vacuuming
  • General cleanup of the space your dryer occupies

For short dryer vents that vent directly out of an exterior wall, our standard full service price is $169.

What can I expect at my appointment?


Appointments start with an inspection and hand cleaning of the vent cover on the exterior of the home.


The entirety of the dryer vent piping is brushed and vacuumed from the inside out, followed by a vacuum of the area where the dryer sits.


We disassemble your dryer in order to access and vacuum the lint basin, blower wheel and the heating element box.

Our focus on fire safety sets Fireman Dryerman apart.

Other companies who offer a similar service usually do not take the extra step to clean difficult-to-access parts of your dryer where fires can start.


Fireman Dryerman was founded by Brett Ketchum, a full-time professional firefighter. In 2014, on his days off from the fire station, Brett began repairing washers and dryers in Southwest Austin. With more than ten years of firefighting experience coupled with two years of appliance repair, Brett was witness to a handful of dryer fires and plenty of lint-filled dryers. He saw a need to include dryer vent cleaning and dryer vacuuming on his list of services. As his days off filled with bookings for this service, Brett decided to hire on some of his favorite fellow firefighters and thus Fireman Dryerman was born.

When he’s not firefighting, teaching CPR classes or cleaning dryer vents, he loves spending time with his wife and two sons.

For more information, please contact us by email or phone.